Forever Flush Twin Pack 180g


Forever Flush Twin Pack 180g

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Forever Flush Twin Pack 180g, Organic (Eco zone). Organic Forever
Flush Toilet Block Twin Pack (180g) Twin toilet block pack. Sits
discretely in the toilet cistern. Lasts up to 2000 flushes.
Cleanses and descales your toilet with every flush. Vegan. Not
tested on animals. 180g pack. Directions: Firstly, thoroughly
clean your toilet bowl with a toilet brush. Flush the toilet so
the water level in the cistern lowers, then place the Automatic
Toilet Bowl Cleaner into the cistern of your toilet. DO NOT
remove the blue lid, remove the seal or open the product. Simply
use it as it comes out of the main packaging and place it
directly into the cistern. Ingredients: Sodium Sulfate
Anhydrous, Sodium Hydroxide, Coco Alkyd Diethanolamides, Water.


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