151 A4 Magnetic photo Paper, Stationery


151 A4 Magnetic photo Paper, Stationery

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These magnetic photo sheets are perfect for turning your favorite photos and memories in to fridge magnets. Simply insert one sheet at a time in to your printer, find the image you want to print and print as normal. These will print like paper but work like magnets on your fridge. You can also easily cut these down for any crafting purpose. They can be saddle stitched, perfect bound, foil stamped, embossed, die cut, scored, folded or perforated.

These are for use specifically with inkjet printers, while they can work occasionally with laser printers and copiers, we really do not recommend this as some damage may occur both to the printer and to the print.

The sheets are scientifically designed by combining premium coated papers with a proprietary magnetic layer. You can expect excellent color reproduction, superior ink adhesion, and a long shelf life.

Each sheet weighs 50-60 grams and is 0.3mm thick.


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